Preventing Life-Threatening Dehydration

— Why does hydration matter? In older adults, adequate fluid consumption has been associated with fewer falls, less constipation, better recoveries in orthopedic patients, reduced risk of bladder cancer in men and lower rates of fatal heart disease. Dehydration can often lead to adverse effects from medications, urinary tract and respiratory infections, delirium, renal failure, seizure,... Read More

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Flag Day is June 14th

— On June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress passed the first Flag Act, which stated that the new flag of the United States be made of thirteen red and white stripes, and that the union be thirteen white stars in a blue field. Today the flag consists of thirteen horizontal stripes, seven red alternating with six... Read More

June Is National Safety Month. Is Your Loved One Ready for an Emergency?

— The past year has reminded us over and over that natural disasters are especially hard on older adults. Whether it was Hurricane Harvey in Texas, Hurricane Irma in Florida, the huge wildfires all over the West, or the major blizzards in the Northeast, seniors suffered. Everyone should be prepared for disasters. At our community, we... Read More

How To Reduce Blood Pressure

— Blood pressure is the pressure exerted on the arteries. Blood pressure can differ from person to person. When your blood pressure is measured, it is expressed in two numbers such as 120/80 (healthy). If your blood pressure is measured as 140/90 (or higher), then you are a patient of hypertension or high blood pressure and... Read More

Happy Birthday!

— Staff and Residents Alicia C. May 03 Keisha R. May 12 Helen B. May 18 Pauline K. May 30 Welcome! Mary B. Bambi B. Frank B. Linda B. Selma C. Tima J. Larry R. Kim S. Collin V. Jimmy W.

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— May 06 – May 12 National Nurses Week May 13 – May 19 National Nursing Home Week May Better Hearing and Speech Month

Short Term Therapy Success

— Ms. Jane M. was admitted to Bowling Green Nursing and Rehabilitation on November 24, 2017. She was admitted from the hospital with bilateral ankle fractures and was not able to bare any weight on her legs. She was seen by Occupational and Physical therapy five times a week to improve her strength and endurance while... Read More

Five Choices to Create Happiness

— We have all met people who just seem to be happy most of the time. We tend to assume they are just naturally happy, or that they are the lucky people who have an easy life, or they had really loving parents. In reality, happy people are making specific choices regarding their thinking and behavior.... Read More