Long Term Care Administrator’s Week: March 13-17, 2023

— We would like to recognize our Administrator for going above and beyond each day in providing compassionate, quality care and leadership to our staff, residents and families. We appreciate you! Be sure to take a moment this week to express your gratitude and appreciation.

March is Social Worker Month

— Take a moment during March to recognize the empathy, compassion, emotional support, and hard work social workers provide to others. Social workers, together with clinical care practitioners, help ensure that the people in their care achieve the best possible outcomes.

Activity Highlights

— 3/10/23 @1:30 Residents B-Day Party 3/17/23 @1:30 St Patrick’s Day Celebration 3/24/23 @1:30 Residents Council Meeting

Success Story: George M.

— George M. arrived to us in early December after being hospitalized and losing use of his left side. He participated in PT, OT, and ST in order to regain his strength, balance, and self-care skills. When he came to BGNR he required assistance in all his ADLs, was unable to walk, and was unable to... Read More

Happy Birthday!

— Many birthdays to celebrate during the month of March. Wishing staff and residents a happy birthday! Staff and Residents CLARENCE J. 3/6 DONALD M. 3/6 JOY K. 3/20 DAVID C. 3/21 MARK G. 3/22 AZEL B. 3/30

Exercise and Heart Health

— If you’ve been diagnosed with heart disease or are at risk of developing heart disease, regular exercise is essential for the health of your heart, body and mind. In fact, aerobic exercise and heart health really do go hand-in-hand. The American Heart Association has recently added “lack of exercise” to the list of major risk... Read More

Black History Month

— The month of February is a time to honor the achievements of Black Americans in U.S. history. Since its first observance in 1970 at Kent State University, Black History Month (also known as African American History Month) has evolved into a country-wide celebration. Did you know: Along with being a powerful anti-slavery organizer, James McCune... Read More

Valentine’s Day Facts

— Procrastinate getting your valentines together every year? You’re not alone. Over 50 percent of all Valentine’s Day cards are purchased in the six days prior to the holiday. Many believe the X symbol became synonymous with the kiss in medieval times. People who couldn’t write their names signed in front of a witness with an... Read More

Wishing everyone a Happy Birthday!!

— Happy Birthday to our amazing Staff and Residents LILLIE L. 2/08 BILLY C. 2/11 JAMES G. 2/12 MARGARET B. 2/16 DRENDA P. 2/21 WANDA R. 2/22 BARBARA B. 2/22 GLADYS M. 2/22 BRENDA P. 2/26

February Activity Highlights

— Activity Highlights this month: 2/14/2023 @ 1:30 Valentines Party 2/17/2023 @ 1:30 Residents B-Day Party 2/24/2023 @ 1:30 Resident Council Meeting