Enjoy A Sip of a Seasonal Favorite

— Sipping on a steaming mug of hot cocoa is a great way to warm up on a winter day. Beloved by adults and children alike, drinking hot cocoa evokes cozy feelings that are perfect for the holiday season, especially if you live in a cold climate! Our appetite for cocoa goes far back in human... Read More

Give a Gift Made from the Heart

— Who doesn’t love gifts? There’s just something amazing about the fulfilling process of unwrapping or unboxing a gift, and the anticipation of wondering what’s inside. On Dec. 3, we celebrate National Make a Gift Day. This unofficial holiday encourages people to get creative and make gifts with a personal touch for their loved ones. Here... Read More

Short Term Therapy Success

— Marcy B. arrived to us in late June after being hospitalized for respiratory failure. She participated in PT, OT, and ST in order to regain strength and independence. When she came to BGNR she required assistance in all of her ADLs. She worked hard in her therapy since she arrived and was able to complete... Read More

Wishing You the Happiest of Birthdays!

— Happy Birthday to our amazing Staff and Residents! Linda W. November 09 Donna C. November 13 Patricia M. November 14 Dennis A. November 19

November Activity Highlights

— 11/04/2022 @ 1:30 Rip Roaring 20s Day Celebration 11/11/2022 @1:30 Veterans Day Celebration 11/17/2022 @ Thanksgiving Meal with Families 11/18/2022 @ 1:30 Residents B-Day Party 11/25/2022 @ 1:30 Resident Council Meeting

Preserve Your Family History by Writing Family Stories

— Preserve Your Family History by Writing Family Stories “Everyone has a story to tell.” It seems like a cliché, but it’s true! November is Family Stories Month, a perfect time to gather your family together and transcribe those stories to preserve them for perpetuity. Here are some tips for writing your family stories: Decide which... Read More

Celebrate Your Unique Talent!

— Everyone has a talent that is special to them. Some talents are more commonly shareable, such as musical, artistic, or athletic talent, while others are less noticeable, like having a photographic memory, being able to do complex math in your head, or even having the ability to curl your tongue into an uncommon shape! With... Read More

Spread More Kindness

— How kind are you? The act of being kind to someone can take you far in life, which is why on November 13, we celebrate World Kindness Day. The purpose of World Kindness Day highlights good deeds by displaying acts of kindness in the community, and focuses on the positive power and the common thread... Read More

Bite-Size Candy Corn Facts & Fun

— Invented in the late 1880s by George Renninger, the sweet treat originally named “chicken feed” was manufactured by the Wunderle Candy Corn Company in Philadelphia. Due to the kernels’ unique layers of yellow, orange, and white, the original creation process was very costly and time-consuming, however, over 100 years and a name change later, the... Read More

Breast Cancer Awareness

— Breast cancer is a disease in which cells in the breast grow out of control. There are different types of breast cancer, and people can experience different symptoms. Some individuals do not have any signs or symptoms at all. Symptoms may include but are not limited to: New lump in the breast or underarm (armpit).... Read More