Therapy Success Story: Mr. S.

success story written on chalkboard with purple wood border

Mr. S. came to BGNR in mid-August after a trip to the hospital turned into surgery from an obstruction. Bill stayed with us for 1 week, then had to return to the hospital again for a week. When he came back to us, he needed therapy services even more. Not only did he have a wound, a drain and a G-tube which required medical attention and nursing assistance, he also needed rehab to help restore his level of function so he could return home with his wife safely. When we first started with him, Bill had difficulty tolerating sitting on the edge of his bed for 30 seconds. He required a significant amount of assistance for ADLs including dressing, bathing, and toileting. Throughout the next 3 months, Bill worked diligently for all 3 disciplines. He had a goal to be home by Christmas! Well, Christmas isn’t here quite yet, and Bill is already home with his family. He was able to improve his strength and endurance to tolerate activities at greater than 20 min in duration; he improved his ambulation to walk with either a cane or a rollator throughout the facility and outside on unlevel surfaces while completing over 1500 ft in distance without loss of balance concerns; he can complete his ADLs mostly independently now; and he improved his cognitive-communicative skills back to prior level, as well as improved his eating and started to regain some of the weight he lost. Bill returned home with his wife the first week of December. He started with home health care to orient back to his normal environment and receive further assessment of assistance required at home. It was recommended to progress to outpatient therapy services shortly after to further progress back to his 100%.

Bill, we are very proud of your hard work and dedication each day. We miss your different way of thinking, commentary on jokes, and drawing on the white board. We are sure you’re enjoying walking the dog in this warmer winter weather, and probably doing too much at home and finding your next project to work on.

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