Therapy Success Story: Martha H.

Martha H - November Therapy Success Story

Martha H. came to us for therapy services, after having a fall at home which resulted in breaking her arm. Martha was non-weight bearing on her left arm throughout her stay, which limited her ability to perform daily activities. She was motivated to do well and improve enough to go back home with family assistance. She worked hard in all three therapies to improve her strength, balance, and walking to reduce falls; to learn adaptive techniques to help with eating, dressing, grooming, and other personal tasks; and to work on cognitive-communicative strategies to increase her function to return home. Martha was a pleasure to work with and worked hard in her therapies each day. We know she’s showing off her big smile, contagious laugh, and keen sense of fashion. We are very proud of Martha’s hard work and dedication she put in at every session. We are pleased to say, she is now at home with her family’s support and assistance.

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