Therapy Success Story: Barbara W.

success story written on chalkboard with purple wood border

Barbara W. arrived to us in May after a car accident resulted in breaking her foot. Barb participated with inpatient rehab for 2 weeks before coming to BGNR. Her wishes were to continue with her therapies in order to return home independently. When she came to us, Barb was unable to put weight through her leg, and she required assistance with her ADLs. She also needed help with walking, stairs, regaining mobility, strength and range of motion. She has worked really hard with PT, OT and ST in order to regain her level of independence and learn new tools for cognition and sequencing. Barb has since been discharged home and can care for herself independently with some assistance from friends. She had worked very hard in therapy each and every day. We are very proud of her dedication and accomplishments in therapy.

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