International Yoga Day

two senior women sitting in a yoga studio meditating

On June 21, International Day of Yoga focuses upon inspiring everyone to stay motivated at home and adopt a healthy lifestyle by doing exercise and yoga. Despite the ongoing pandemic, yoga requires little-to-no cost, provides great benefits, and can be practiced solo at home or in a small group via video or in-person with proper social distancing.

Even though you do not need a specially designed place, it’s recommended you choose a place as far away from audible and visual distractions as possible, and also have an empty stomach before starting your yoga routines. Try to wear clothes that are comfortable and loose, such as training suits, sweat pants and a t-shirt, shorts or loose pajamas. For additional comfort, use a towel or yoga mat underneath you.

Keep in mind that only 15 minutes of correct yoga twice a day, performed in the morning and again in the evening, may greatly benefit your body and mind. Sessions should not exhaust you, but leave you feeling centered and refreshed. Do not hesitate to modify any movements necessary or to take a break if you begin to feel fatigued. Be sure to ask your physician or physical therapist to go through your movement flow with you to ensure proper mobility for your body and endurance level.

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